Update for the spring of 2020

Update for the spring of 2020

Current Body of Work in Progress

I am interested in objects as they are presented in a ‘still life’ or ‘natura morta’ meaning dead nature. Both of these descriptions fall short for me as I very much feel the energy, movement and a kind of life from objects. In fact, I choose my objects with this energy or personality in mind. 

I am using circles that I had cut for me about ten years ago for another project that never got off the ground and I have only used a few of them. They were calling to me from my basement storage area so I decided it was time to challenge myself with this format again.

The circle presents several obstacles, one of them being the fact that there is no top or bottom which makes it difficult to anchor your subject. 

On the other hand, they are really fun to compose in as there are no points, corners or restrictions to the fluid compositions that I wish to create. It is so much easier to control the direction of the eye of the viewer when things are inherently moving within a circular motion.

I have switched from acrylic to oil for these works as I am taking a more traditional approach to the paint application than my previous landscapes. I am also employing a much more rigid drawing technique to compose and create drawings to scale with more accuracy. 

The objects that I choose from thrift stores offer me the possibility of creating some intimate stories that are unexpected or facetious. There is no rhyme or reason for my choices of particular objects and their combined presentation, other than a purely aesthetic one.

The immediate appearance is that of a standard, ‘realistic’ rendering of several objects against a fabric backdrop. My hope is that the objects, colour schemes and lighting evoke another response based on my elevation of these apparently mundane objects.

I will continue to work on these circles and I have no doubt that as this project evolves, the appearance of the works will change to some extent and I will let them lead me where they may. I plan to use some mixed media as well in some of the pieces.

I may have to adjust my idea about using oil during my time away from my own studio but the very fact that circumstances outside of my control can change how I work is part of what makes this all a very fluid and organic process. I look forward to seeing how this will all unfold over the next few weeks. I hope you do too.

For now, if you could follow me on Instagram (b_peetsart) and sign up to my subscription list (the pop-up box that appears on my homepage) and pass along my website URL and social media pages to your friends and family, I would greatly appreciate the support. 

I wish to expand my social media presence and engage a wider range of followers. 


Reflections on a good year and a special Christmas Offer

Reflections on a good year and a special Christmas Offer

As we come closer to the end of the calendar year, I can finally take a pause to reflect upon my years’ activities to see how I have grown and how my practise has developed and changed.

With two solo shows, several group shows, a few commissions and a new shop on my website all behind me, I feel very content and full. I am also very excited to turn the corner and see what’s ahead as I begin to explore new ways of working with mixed media and adding the figure back into my work.

I also would like to expand my scale and create more space both physically in my current 200 square foot studio as well as create space in my work.  I’m not exactly certain what this means just yet but I am pretty sure that I will become more physically engaged with my work as the scale shifts.

I am very thankful to all of you who have supported me either through attending shows, commenting on social media or buying my work. It is all important to me and enables me to move forward.

I would like to draw your attention to a special Christmas offer that I thought you might be interested in and please share this with your friends, neighbours, co-workers and family.

I will be wrapping any purchase in Christmas fabric with a bow and hand-delivering it to your door before Christmas if you live within the city of Toronto for FREE. I will pay $10.00 towards the cost of your shipping costs if you decide to go that route.  The total costs will change depending upon the size and weight of your purchase. Please contact me for details.

2020 is going to be a good year. I can feel it and I hope that you can too.


Upcoming Solo Show - Recent Landscapes


The landscapes in this show were created as a series of variations and interpretations of each other. I created the initial 12”x12” paintings based on working on location as well as from photos that I took of a particular local.

I then created the smaller 5”x5” pieces from looking at the original 12” squ paintings creating one step away from the original source.

Then I created several larger palette knife paintings in oil (30”squ) from the tiny ones to see how each step away from the original would alter these images.

I also used different media and tools as I changed the scale to see what the effects would be.

I am now pushing these images further by creating painted layers to further work the idea of mutation by varying my materials and mediums.

My art is an ongoing journey in which I seek to explore new ways to express what I see around me. 

I hope to see old and new faces at this next show.

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